A clothing line where modesty meets modern fashion; with a flare of lively philanthropy – that’s Amirah Couture. Stylish designs. Conscious virtue. 

Amirah Aulaqi founded Amirah Couture Inc. in 2012. With a focus to cater to modest fashion, Amirah found a need for modest formal clothing. Amirah Couture releases seasonal collections of formal dresses that are inclusive in cut and style to fit and attract any kind of women.

Our Vision at Amirah Couture is to run an established and well-managed USA brand that is internationally recognized as being in the forefront of modest fashion and social change that’s dedicated to formally clothing women across all faiths.

Our Mission revolves around women. When she purchases a piece from Amirah Couture Inc. she is addressing social justice through the philanthropic contributions we make as a company. Amirah Couture's mission is to influence the global image of modest women. While dressing herself in high fashion she contributes to the education of  women and girls around the world while being consciously aware of who makes her clothes. Amirah Couture prides itself on being a company that unites these three social causes. Amirah Couture designs modest formal attire through seasonal collections (spring/summer/fall/winter).